What our clients say:

Dr. Stahl has been helpful in getting to the root issues instead of just prescribing medication. She’s compassionate and well connected to additional resources that allow her to put together a comprehensive diagnosis.


Testimonial from N.O. 

Dr. Stahl is a very caring and conscientious doctor. Her diagnosis was done carefully and conservatively instead of jumping right into medication. Her evaluation is comprehensive, and she takes various factors into consideration when approaching the whole person.


Testimonial from C.F. 


I am so thankful for the careful listening, assessment, results review, and treatment planning done by Dr. Stahl. Before I had contacted her for help, I had been through a very frustrating and disconnected series of tests and clinicians and the lack of results left me with more anxiety and a growing sense that I was just expected to live with a certain level of discomfort. Within days of following her recommendations my gut was already showing signs of repair! The supplements brought an increase of energy, fast and predictable onset of sleep in the evening, return of functioning such as the ability to tolerate longer periods of sustained exercise, and my menstrual cycle regulated. I felt like my better self again. “The comprehensive approach to my overall health was key to restoring my health. I am enthusiastic to endorse Dr. Stahl’s program.”


- Testimonial from A. L.


Dr. Stahl is a true blessing from up above! She has a passion for really helping others. She is kind, listens, and will never judge you or your situation. She takes her time with each appointment and makes sure you clearly understand everything that you have talked about. She is always checking in to see how you are doing and the progress you are making. Her recommendations on supplements and/or medications is always spot on. She is a great listener and will always give you the opportunity to express if you like/don't like an approach she is recommending. I couldn't be more grateful for Dr. Stahl and I am so incredibly happy our paths crossed. You don't find hardly any doctors like her!


- Testimonial from E.F


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